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(3 weeks after :- The Early Hours of October 2.)

“Good morning LA, this is Kinsman Jane reporting to you from Charis D TV Station.”

“Breaking News. :- Popular Hollywood Actress and Winner of Jockbel Art World 2018 award, Sarah Lann was found dead in her apartment in the early hours of today by her younger sister Jane Lann.”

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“Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday Sapphire;
Happy birthday to you.”

The Andersons sang for their daughter immediately after the family devotion on the morning of September 11th.

“Thank you Mum and Dad. I really appreciate it.” She said bowing slightly.

“I can’t believe my princess is 8 years old just like that.” John Anderson said, holding his hands up in a form of an imaginary spectacle.

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Dear “Pearl”;

Some months ago, I was doing my chores when it was impressed in my heart to write you a letter. I don’t know you personally, I don’t know the citizen of which Country you are or the Continent you are; but I do pray this letter reaches you wherever you are.

“Pearl”, it is of my understanding that you detest being called the beautiful name you bear, as you feel it doesn’t fit a crushed and broken being like you.

Right now, I know you hate one man.

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“I think I need a visit to Bimpe’s room.” I said to myself one cool evening.

I stood up from my bed so as to ease myself in the restroom before going to where I had in mind.

I am a resident of “Look and Live hostel”: a three storey building with Up to forty rooms and several Wings.

The hostel is one of the Biggest at Sugar Town area; one of the most Populated areas by students of my institution.

My hostel was one you could call a ‘Living Water Ministry members and Muslim Hostel’; as 50% of the residents there were members of the Living Water Ministry, with the next 35% as Muslims while the remaining 15% belonged to none of the two groups.

I and three of my friends one of which was Bimpe were among the 50% LW members in the building.

Sharon who is the fifth in the Clique lived not too far from our hostel and spent most of her day in our hostel most especially Bimpe’s room.

“I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I’m not enough.” Lauren Daigle’s voice rang out from my phone as soon as I stepped inside the restroom.

I turned back quickly to pick it from where it was on my bed.

It was Bimpe.

“Who is in for a Conference call?” Bimpe shouted excitedly immediately I picked the call.

“I was just preparing to come to your room. Well, get Chinazo and the rest connected. Thank God for Close Users Group Line. ” I replied not wanting to kill her excitement.

“Abi oo. Give me few seconds.”

“Adebisi Mercy O, how far?” a Voice greeted immediately she joined the call.

“Chinazo, I dey oo. Where is Sharon?”

“That’s my cue!” An excited voice said as we all laughed.

“Pele! (Sorry.) Be feeling yourself there.” Bimpe replied.

Chinazo chuckled.

“This girls henn; it is well.” I thought smiling.

“It’s Chinazo that use to say igbo girls are beautiful; Sharon too has started her own.” I said.

“Before nko? We are beautiful oo. Abeg!” She said as I tried to picture her face at that moment.

“Where is G.G ? Bimpe, didn’t you add her ?” Chinazo asked.

“Dear, I am here.” God’s Glory who we call G.G replied.

“Welcome. G.G, hope you are doing well?” I asked concerned.

“I’m fine. Today’s Activity in the school just stressed me out a bit.”

“Sorry, find time to rest. ” I said.

“I will. Thanks dear.”

“Henhen! Mercy” Bimpe called.

“Yes! Is something wrong? ” I asked.

“Nothing much. Just have a question for you. Please who were you talking to on phone when we were in Chinazo’s room yesterday?”

“Let me be direct, who were you using Bedroom voice for?” She asked bluntly.

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I entered the room joyfully as the Service that evening was great.

I stopped as the intro of a song played from my roommate’s phone.

The song felt so familiar to my ears and brain. Like one i had sang and listened to over and over again.

As i listened, my brain did a fast flashback to four to five years ago;

And Click! I found it.

Simultaneously my “Korean tongue” came into action and i sang on a bit with the music before stopping to do a rethink.

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DEAD END (Final Episode.)

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“Ko soun to le ti ki ro; Igbeyin a daara moro ye o.” (There is nothing that proves difficult that doesn’t become better; it’s the end that matters.)

Lucy sang as she prepared Amala one afternoon.

Her protruded belly shook vehemently as she stirred the mixture in the pot.

It was already two weeks to her date of delivery and as the day drew near fear seemed to take over her.

“Where is this girl?” She asked suddenly as she stood up from where she was preparing the meal.

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DEAD END (Episode 6)

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“It is written in Ecclesiastes chapter 10:8 that ‘He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge a serpent shall bite him.’ Anybody that has dig a pit for Lucy to fall into, they themselves should begin to fall into it in Jesus name.”

“It is written that every gathering that is not of God shall be scattered. Any gathering of the host of hell as regards my Daughter Lucy; to destroy her life, let them begin to scatter in Jesus name.”

“No enemy of her soul will be able to terminate her life in Jesus name.”

“Beatrice, Listen to me!”

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DEAD END (Episode 5)

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Mark paced the General Outpatient Department (GOPD) thoughtfully.

They had arrived RTW hospital about an hour ago and the doctors were still battling to save Lucy’s life.

He didn’t know what would be his fate if anything happened to Lucy. Everyone knew they stayed together so her noticed absence could raise an alarm in few days.

He had no one to call.

He dared not inform her parents.

“Brrrr!” Something vibrated against his body suddenly causing him to flinch.

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